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FMG Christmas Creek Fuel & Maintenance Facility

Ironstone is responsible for manufacture, fabrication, supply, testing, delivery, installation and commissioning including all concrete, mechanical, structural, electrical and instrumentation to complete the Works and the supply of a MDR upon completion of the Works. Our Activities include receivals and unloading of any Principal Supplied Items for installation and commissioning.

We must provide all services, documentation and Plant and Materials as described in the Scope of Works to complete the Works. Our Activities include the provision of all resources, support, supervision, labour, transportation, materials, Contractor’s Equipment, Plant and Materials, communications and other items necessary for completion of the Works.

The facilities are split into the following functional areas:

  • HME access roads and park up bays;
  • LV access roads and park up bays;
  • Refueling bays;
  • Maintenance bay;
  • Future maintenance bay;
  • Fuel tanks;
  • Smokers hut/s;
  • Administration buildings;
  • Crib Facilities;
  • Water and sewer facilities;
  • Power and generation;
  • Bus drop off and turn around;
  • Footpaths and bollards;
  • Provision for Ambulance park up and ESO office; and
  • Carparks and overflow carparks.

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